Minggu, 18 Januari 2009


The game puts you in the position of inheriting an orchard, which was once thriving and blossoming.
The problem is that it is now derelict and in desperate need of care.
The task at hand is to take over the orchard business and make sure that you return it to its former splendor.
To reach the goal, Majesco says that the game will allow players to "hire and manage workers, plant and harvest crops, construct processing and storage facilities, and advertise and sell products in your efforts to make a profit.

  • Supermodel Empire

    Step into the exclusive world of fashion and uncover the hottest trends as you create a supermodel empire. Design and create stunning clothing collections and enjoy the fame and glamour that comes with being a top designer. Take control of your success by managing the staff, models, research and publicity - it’s up to you to take this fashion label to the top!

  • Cooking Academy 2

    Enter a world of culinary delights as you prepare 60 different recipes from 8 different countries! Master all new mini-games, inlcuding food processors, mixers, raiding the fridge and more! Test great cooks from all ages.

  • Bounce Out Blitz

    It's a Blitz! Bounce into some frenzied fun with Swapper, kick back and puzzle over Strategy, and for a little twist slip into Slider. With three unique challenging game modes there's something for everyone.

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